Grandin Family Papers, 1709-1965


Grandin Family Papers, 1709-1965


This collection contains business and personal correspondence of the Grandin family of Clinton, NJ, from approximately 1709 to 1965. Most of the records date from 1800 to 1920. The highlights of the collection include medical records and the journal account of John F. Grandin from 3 March 1782 to 25 January 1783 while sailing on a Privateer.

Other interesting groups of records Include personal family correspondence of Elizabeth Grandin, John Grandin (1721-1777), John F. Grandin (1760-1811), John F Grandin (1827-1889), Mary Grandin Newell (1762-1849) and Philip Grandin (1731-1791); financial records and genealogical papers.


General Manuscripts: Boxes 1-5 can contain items that can be classified under general manuscripts. Items are organized into folders based on record type, but have no relation to each other besides record type. Record types include (Folders 1-22; 24-88; 112-128):

-Genealogical papers
-Last will and testaments
-Survey maps
-Bill of Sale
-Account Books
-Travel diary

Over-sized Documents: One flat file drawer contains over-sized items which cannot fit in an archival box in this collection and can be classified under general manuscripts. There is no organization to these folders other than the items within belong to this collection. Record types include (Folders 23; 89-111; 129):

- Deeds
-Survey maps
-Marriage certificate
-Medical license


Grandin Family, Clinton, NJ


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Elizabeth Grandin Papers, 1850-1939


5 boxes plus + 1 flat file drawer; 3.5 cubic feet




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Collection Items

Genealogical Paper, Johnson
This is a genealogical paper lists the births of the Mathews and Johnson families, as well as the relationship between the Mathews and Johnson families.

Genealogical Paper, Newell
This is a genealogical paper lists the births and deaths of the Newell family.

Genealogical Paper, Grandin
This is a genealogical paper relates the origins of the Grandin family, who's ancestors date back to the 1330s in France.

Genealogy Paper, Hanse and Boyer
This genealogical paper details the marriage between John Boyer and Thomazin Hance on March 2, 1820. It also lists the members of the Hanse and Boyer families.

Genealogy Paper, Johnson and Hoffman
This genealogy paper lists the births, marriages, and deaths of the Johnson family.

Genealogical Paper, Reading
This genealogical paper lists the names of the Reading family.

Genealogical Paper, Wurt
This is a letter from Charles Wurt stating his relationship to the Grandin family and asking for information about his ancestry.

Genealogical Paper, Catalogus Collegii  Novae Caesareae
This genealogical paper contains pages from the Catalogus Collegii Novae Caesareae.

Genealogical Paper, Porter to Grandin
This is a letter from Edward A. Porter to John Grandin asking for a copy of Governor John Reading's genealogy found in his family Bible.

Genealogical Paper, Grandin to Grandin
This is a letter from J. L. S. Grandin to Daniel R. Grandin and Dr. Grandin asking about the Grandin family's genealogy.
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